• Safety Inspections on behalf of Flag Sates;
• Condition Surveys for most Mutual Insurers Entry Purposes;
• Pre - purchase Inspections (Condition & Valuation);
• On/Off hire Condition Surveys;
• Cargo Surveys of Dry Commodities or Oils;
• Pre-Loading Surveys;
• Draught Surveys;
• Dead Freight Surveys/Maximum Loadable Quantity;
• Loading and Discharge Surveys;
• Bunker Surveys;
• Cargo Superintendency;
• Hatch & Damage Surveys;
• Out turn surveys;
• Container & Portable Tank Inspections;
• Superyacht, Pleasure Yatch, Sailing Vessels and Harbour Craft Surveys;
• Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Testing with cargo on board;
• Testing of Cargo Temperature, Humidity & Airflow through Compartments;
• Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging;
• Other Technical & Cargo Surveys in the vital areas of Insurance, Security, Stowage, Regulations & Compliance.
• Marine & Cargo Claims handling (by agreement with our partnered law firm)
• Business Interruption Risk Evaluation
• Liability Survey

Survey Inspection of Containers



Containers are a safe and effective means of cargo transportation. Container should be able to stand transportation by sea, railway, etc. Structural integrity of a container is utmost important in ensuring door to door delivery of goods




SingClass has sufficient experience both in pre-loading survey inspection of empty containers, which purpose is to estimate their condition and to determine their readiness to the reception of cargo, and in inspection of damaged during cargo transportation containers. Survey inspection of containers is carried out by qualified and competent surveyors. We also provide designing of cargo plans, recommendations and draws of the stowage and fastening of various cargoes in a container.



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