Claims and P & I Services

SingClass provides complex claims service that includes survey inspection, legal investigation and representation in the arbitrage.

SingClass too provide G.A. assistance.

SingClass together with our partnered juridical firm provides inter-mediate or co-operation with foreign law firms, which practice leads to detaining ship on ground of claims of cargo interests or release of other vessels from detention.

For other insurance, in whatsoever contracts of carriage of cargo, they are representing, SingClass local knowledge of the port and other authoritative entities allows us to effectively protect and defend interests of our principals to all lawful and practical possible extents and, moreover, leave margin for further consulting in special cases.



Ship Husbandry Services

SingClass undertakes husbandry works of laid up or repossessed vessels for Banks and Financiers. The service is all inclusive, providing crew / watchmen, bunkers, maintenance, shiprepair estimation / supervision, liason with authorities, reflagging, maintenance of class, organisation of towage, supervision of visits by potential buyers, all documentation and accounting.







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