• Investigations of Total or Constructive Total Losses following instances of Grounding, Flooding, Fire and Explosions


  • Collision Investigations
  • Expert Technical Witnesses
  • Opinions on Documentation Produced
  • Investigations into:
  1. Damage due to Lifting by Cranes;
  2. Damage to lifting gear;
  3. Engine Breakdown;
  4. Death or Personal Injury on Vessels
  5. Bunker Disputes
  6. Off-Spec Oil Cargoes or other Liquid Cargoes
  7. Oil Cargo Shortages
  8. Dry Cargo Damages
  9. Dry Cargo Infestation
  10. Refrigerated Cargo Disputes
  11. Marine Pollution
  12. Fire losses;
  13. Submersion;
  14. Corrosion Analysis;
  15. Mast & Rigging Failure;
  16. Hull & Structural Failures;
  17. Electrical System Failures




We can handle all specialized investigation with our ready pool of engineers and forensic analysis specialists.



Damage Appraisal

SingClass provides damage appraisal based on surveyor’s estimate in situations where an estimate is not readily obtainable. We too can be instrumental in coordinating large-scale repair to the satisfaction of the vessel owner, as well as, the insurance company. All Damage Surveys and Damage Appraisals will address any applicable depreciation or betterment conditions to be realized from the proposed repair.




SingClass performs failure analysis of engine & drive systems, such as the Caterpillar diesel engine with a detonated piston on the left.


Total Loss Valuation

SingClass can provide and format separate Total Loss Valuation based on market value derived from comparable vessels, book values, and/or dealer quotes. The value of the vessel is adjusted for equipment differences, prior damage, and conditions above or below average for the year, make, and model appraised.


Multi Modal Transport Investigations

  • Damage of Containerised Cargo
  • Damage of Reefer Container Cargo
  • Damages during Road Transport and Damages to Trucks
  • Damages to Trucks on Ro-ro vessels
  • Damages to Cranes and Damages to Cargo while Lifting
  • Theft of and from Containers


Services for Court use Evidence and Documentation

SingClass being an independent and neutral organization, can provide the following services during an investigation in order to prepare evidence for use in court:

  • Digital Photography with External Flash
  • Macro Photography with Special Lenses
  • Electronic Chart Course Diagrams
  • 2D or 3D Technical / Incident Diagrams
  • Digital Video/DVD Recording
  • Digital Still Images from VHS / DVD video
  • A3 Prints of Photographs & Diagrams
  • Scans of Photographs


Consultancy Works on Newbuildings, Designing & Supervision

Our Expertise in SingClass can undertake the building of ship from concept stage to launching stage, including advice on building contract/agreement with shipyards. The service includes attendance during construction at local or foreign yards on behalf of Owners, Banks and Financiers in order to report on progress made with the construction at various stages to facilitate payment and surveys.






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