Formed on the 7th of February 2005 , SingClass International Pte Ltd (SingClass) is manned by highly experience surveyors that are familiar with administration’s requirement, surveying, accident investigation, maritime training as well as other commercial shipping activities.

Singclass Main Objectives are:

  • To provide cost-efficient and cost-effective marine services to the shipping community
  • To provide quality professional maritime consultancy services at affordable prices
  • To grow into a reputable and recognized international survey organization
  • To enhance the status of Singapore as an International Maritime Centre

SingClass is an independent technical organization that acts impartially and objectively in the classification of vessels, crafts, floating units and marine related equipments. Its business arm provides the following services:

  • Marine Surveying - Commercial & Statutory;
  • Technical Inspections - Pre Purchase, Entry into Club, Damage Assessment, After Repairs;
  • Engineering Services - Repairs and Overhaul of Main Engine as well as Marine Equipment;
  • Marine Consultancy - Risk Management, Security Assessment, Life Extension, Vessel Design;
  • Marine Related Training - Oil Major Required & Commercially Demanded Shipping Courses;
  • Maritime Trading & Related Services - Marine Equipment & Spare Parts.

Our Motto is simple:

“Any need, any where, any time, we are there to serve”




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